hangin out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride trying to holla at me


My girlfriend’s rat dog doesn’t let me poop in peace

Sunday stroll with my favourite redheads. Glorious weekend.


also this is my favorite vine

Last night I saw Obvious Child at MIFF with my boyfriend and it was a perfect movie. Jenny Slate absolutely killed it. 

Giselle and Rachel and Flavia and Caitlin and others just saw it tonight and hearing that they all loved it has just reminded me how great it really was. Definitely my highlight of the festival. See it when you can!

Pup yoga with @chrisbrownie.

Night Vision of Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne seen from the International Space Station at night reveals its young history. Unlike the winding streets in older European cities, Melbourne’s streetlights follow a more planned grid system. Established in 1835 around the natural bay of Port Phillip Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria in Australia.