Can someone please tell me which one to get? Or offer other brand alternatives? I need a portable hard drive, but I definitely don’t need an entire TB. Just something for video production work backup/transferring/saving files and such. Was thinking WD was probably the brand to go for, so that’s fine. I just can’t decidddeee/don’t feel informed enough to choose between these two. 

Edit: Just realised one of them doesn’t say ‘for mac’. Could be problematic. I have a mac. 

  1. izapayne said: If it’s for video definitely go the FireWire one. Much better transfer speeds, and you can format it for Mac :)
  2. meganj15 said: You don’t need one that says for Mac. I’ve got a 500GB portable one and a 2TB one that needs plugging into the mains electric. I paid £90 for my 2TB one and about £50 for my 500GB, but that was like 3/4 years ago. Message me if you want more help.
  3. likeroscoe said: I have had two WD HD and both have had problems with the USB socket in the hard drive. It becomes loose, and won’t connect to the computer unless you hold the plug in.. Before WD I had Maxtor which is now Seagate - M4B has one, I think it’s better.
  4. albertinho said: also don’t worry about “for mac” or not “for mac”: all it means is that the firmware that is formatted onto the HDD is set for a specific function and reformatting hard drives is easy.
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